The changeling

 How long does it take you to change your mind? Your opinion? Your preference?

For me, there are things I stand solid behind like a rock and any amount of conviction could barely move me. Talking about big and meaningful things in life I suppose. Then, on the other hand, when it comes to little, less significant or permanent stuff, it only takes some days before my greatest passion could turn into the biggest bore. 

Picking up a new hobby and losing sleep on it because it's so much fun I just can't put it down, when a week or two later I'd put it aside, maybe not forever, but for a very, very long time.

Coming up with "the best idea" ever and investing all my time and mind in it, just to decide it was completely stupid in only few months. 

Buying a one way plane ticket on the last day of the year while already a bit tipsy. Going for a week-long holidays and only returning after six months.

Taking rash decisions or changing my mind at the last minute on long thought trough ones, I guess that's always been me.

And that's how the weather is changing lately as well. One morning I woke up to the most beautiful weather forecast, informing me the next few days will reach over 20°C and staying in the open sun was almost becoming too much. Already falling in love with these new conditions it's hard to describe how I actually felt knowing that time after should put us back to the feeling of cold and I can't lie I've been a bit shocked seeing the snowflake sign appearing on the chart again.

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  1. That makes you super adventurous. I feel like I can rarely change up my mind about things.
    Happy Spring Tanja!

  2. I confess that I am quite resistant to changes in general and that includes my opinion as well.
    But I am happy to realize that I have changed a lot and for the better in several aspects, even if it took time to happen.
    I like the pictures!

  3. it's the same with me. whenenever I have inspiration to do graphic design or something else, I lose sleep for days then forget about it a long while. Like photography (which i love the most) when I lose inspiration, i don't pick up my camera for awhile. I miss the hot days, we are still below 5C but i think it's better than -20 of last month

  4. Sou muito flexível, mudo de idéia com muito facilidade e não me sinto mal por isso, adquirir essa flexibilidade depois que tive filho, eles as vezes nos põe a prova mmudar de ideia pode ser mais favorável em alguns momentos! Beijos flor!

  5. I change my mind very quickly, I must confess hehehe
    but I was thinking about what you said, and about some things. I don't
    my passion for Taylor Swift never changed. but about other things, books, for example... It did hehehehe

    I loved your pics in this post!
    Blog Interrupted Dreamer

  6. Love the photos, dear! When it comes to changing my mind, I usually don't do it quickly. My tastes and preferences do change from time to time, and sometimes I'm surprised to see how some things I used to dislike turn into some of my favourites. Also, when I experience burnout in doing something I like I tend to put it aside for some time, not because I lost interest, but because I need time for myself and to gather the energy I need to get back to it, especially in the past year with everything that's been going on.

  7. I try to do it quickly but sometimes I can´t, It´s a challenge that´s why we have to work everyday on this topic!

  8. I always overthink my decissions, buut when I improvise I usually have a lot of fun!
    have a great week,

  9. I did this more when I was younger. I found as I got older I did not do this as much. Though sometimes when I am buying something new for the first time I research it to death and kind of drive myself crazy. Love the photos!

    Allie of

  10. Suas postagens são ótimas, estou seguindo seu blog e curtindo bastante!! Parabéns!

    Meu Blog: Carolina Ribeiro

  11. I guess my personality looks the same, but I can see some things that change like my outfits.
    Pam Lepletier

  12. Hi
    I loved the concept of the photos!
    I also do not change my opinion easily, in fact my opinions are part of my character and that does not change with time! okay my opinions may change about fashion and fashion trends but this is the only topic I admit to changing my opinion ahahah !!!

  13. Fun sunglasses you you! i think if you don't try a hobby you won't know if you like it! and it's good to grown and learn more and change our minds - life would be boring if we never adapted to different circumstances or changed our minds!

    Hope that you had a good weekend :) It's a relaxing long weekend for us!

    Away From The Blue


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