High in the sky (garden)

London is a city of great contrasts. Old traditional buildings are mixed with modern architecture and sky rises offering great panoramic views over the city. As the whole area is relatively flat, your eyes can reach far and embrace the land all the way to the suburbs.

Of course, the most famous viewing point is no other than the Shard, an 87 story skyscraper, that was at the time of its completion in 2012 the tallest building in Europe. However, you're required to purchase a pricey ticket to the top and, at least before the pandemic, there's always been an extra long line to queue before entering. I can't rate the experience, as I haven't got myself up there yet, but to all us cheapskates, there are some wonderful alternatives. 

Especially in the City of London, one of the main business area of the whole Europe, you'll find many tall buildings with rooftop restaurants and bars, where the view would only cost you a cocktail by a standard London price. You can choose from the Gherkin, 22 Bishopsgate, or the one I actually visited, Sushi Samba at 38th floor Salesforce tower.

But still, my favourite remains the Sky Garden. Located just on the other side of Thames from the Shard, practically just above the riverbank, it offers spectacular 360° views to all sides of the city. You can gaze over Tower of London and Tower Bridge, all the way to Isle of Dogs and beyond to the east. There's the old London part with BT television tower piercing through to the west. Cities tallest skyscrapers, some still under construction behind it to the North. And from the open terrace to the south you can admire river Thames, the Shard and south bank with a city hall on the other side.

And the best part, entrance is completely free! You just need to book your sloth available every 15 minutes, pop through security and you're already travelling 6 m/s to the 36th floor where views await. The entire top of concave shaped building is designed as a greenhouse, and beside wonderful sights you're welcomed into a tropical environment and surrounded by grand ferns and colourful blooms.

The sloth is supposed to last for an hour, but if you have to be precise to get in, nobody will be timing you on way out, and you can spend your time enjoying an open cafe with different treats or book yourself a seat at the restaurant located right beyond the rooftop. You'll find many nice spots and corners to lounge and chill and on a wonderful day as mine was, you'll barely want to leave.

I've always been recommending Sky garden to my friends and this was actually my second visit. But the feeling wasn't any less spectacular than first time. Stepping out of the elevator into this bright open space and firstly heading straight to an open terrace to gaze above the shinny river on a beautiful summer day will never fail to feel enchanting.

Dress: by me
Lacey blouse: by my grandmother
Hat: vintage



  1. I'm speechless... what a gorgeous place! And I love your outfit too!!!
    Kisses, Paola.



  2. Beautiful photos and I loved the landscape of the buildings! :)


  3. What a lovely spot to visit! It gives you amazing views too, I can see why you recommend the sky garden to others! :)

    Hope that you are having a nice weekend :) Another cold one here, but it has stopped raining!

    Away From The Blue

  4. Your photo looks very advanced, I want to go there to see it.
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  5. Ooo, I have a new place on my list to visit the next time I go to London The Sky garden looks beautiful, as do the views!
    thanks for sharing :)
    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

  6. These are all beautiful views! The Sky Garden looks amazing - I will definitely go next time I'm in London!
    Julia x

  7. The Sky Garden is on my to do list! I am hoping to visit next year xx


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