The extravagant wonderland of Pierre Garroudi

London is a place where over the top and by the edge fashion and style aren't unusual to be seen. But still, there are some excessive looks that would catch your eye more than the others. And such are the ones you can see at the weekly flashmob by designer Pierre Garroudi.

Alison FacunGiorgiana Borhidan, Oksana Makaveli, Kasia, Zahra Palmer and me  by Olu Ogunshakin

The french-born creator has been preparing these events for several years now, and rather than an open fashion show or photoshoots they can be considered performance art. 

by Benjamin Miller Photography

The concept itself is very simple. Garroudi finds the models and chooses the location, shares announcement online, and as soon as you exit the tube station in your edgy outfit, there's a cloud of photographers waiting for you to follow you around.

The experience itself is way more detailed and incredibly fun.

by Benjamin Miller Photography

I remember entering Pierre's studio on early Saturday morning, hidden inside a business and storage complex in North-west London. I was greeted by a charming man, an artist himself, who let me into his colourful world where creativity meets fashion in its broadest way. Before I even reached the top of the stairs, I've noticed all sorts of peculiar items hanging from the ceiling. It starts with a huge plush toy and ends with numerous colourful hats in the main room. And what kind of hats those are! Decorated with frills and pompoms, plush toys and everyday items transformed into art.

by John Miller

You can quickly realise Pierre is a creative genius, taking his inspiration from the most random things and turning the most peculiar items into jewellery and unique fashion pieces. And on top of that, also a very pleasant man, as I started my visit with a sweet cup of coffee and a lovely chat.

by Tim White

I was the first one there, but soon other models arrived as well, it was six of us in total for that day. Garroudi introduced to us cloth racks, three of many filling the room, where the selected items for the day were hanging. You were then free to browse, choose and combine bottoms and tops, jackets and dresses, meshy see troughs and some things that weren't so obvious to figure out what they are.

It was incredible fun trying on different pieces and combining them in front of a big mirror, secretly waiting for designer's opinion and approval.

by Tim White

I was divided between a golden mesh matching my platform heels, and a soft mini dress, probably made from a coat. I set for the latest, accessorising its grey faux fur with black and pink things I found around,  from shredded long dress to pink crystal neckless as a belt, to various gloves and tutu skirt for a collar. On top came an adorable pink hat, finished with a small plush puppy.

by Vividly Captured Photography

My look was done, so it was time for makeup, far from ordinary like everything else of course. We were joined by the make-up artist Lara Nasamu, who certainly didn't hesitate to put colours and glitter on our faces. I was enlivened by lots of blush and shimmer, covering way more than just my cheeks.

by 9e3k

Our first photo session was done right there on the spot or rather on the rooftop of the warehouse. Alan Dash and his colleague created some editorial shots that they later turned into fantasy images.

photo by Alan Dash

Once everybody was dressed it was time to hit the city. This time our destination was Bond street. As soon as we arrived at the agreed spot, we were greeted by a group of photographers. After initial group pictures we moved along and spread around Molton street and being constantly followed by both professionals and passer-bys taking photos of you, you've truly felt like some sort of celebrity. 

by Vividly Captured Photography

We've been hovering around the nearby lanes for about an hour, posing with window displays, colourful front doors and interesting objects, such as motorbikes and construction site we crossed along the way. The weather finally turned warm after months of constant rain which made the whole experience truly a blast.

by Benjamin Miller Photography



  1. Wow you look absolutely stunning! I can't stop staring at the photographs <3 xx I just subbed to your Youtube channel btw! It's awesome!

    Mari |

  2. I like the look, it looks really nice, it's very characteristic
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  3. This is so creative. Love the full on make-up and the costume. Great outcome!

  4. you look divine wearing this designer outfit! The make up is fantastic as that it was a mix of performance art and a fashion show.

  5. super cool style, thanks for sharing dear. love your photos!
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  6. Your look gorgeous, always a big fan!
    Keep it up to inspire me dear.

    R |
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  7. So creative love it!

  8. What a fun experience to take part in! I love the pieces you chose - he is a very creative designer to pick such things and you pulled a great outfit together with them! :)

    Hope that your week is off to a good start :)

    Away From The Blue

  9. How wonderful! Turning fashion into experience is a terrific idea. You look great.

  10. This must have been an amazing experience! I love the whimsical pieces and how creative they all are!

    Eileen |

  11. Oh WOW how cool to be part of such a creative shoot! The looks are so funa ndout of the box and you did an excellent job modeling, BRAVO!

    Allie of

  12. What an immensely fun thing to do! I'd totally do that! I did my make up like that once for an event at our city's Art Gallery - I felt like a star, as you did!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

  13. Creativity meets fashion - I like that. I love your quirky ensemble and the makeup reminded me of a vampire after a feast. I am so happy you shared this experience here with us. I love London! I've been there as a kid. Perhaps, I will find myself there in the future. Love your poses and can't wait for you to show us your self-tailored shorts since the sun is out! :D xoxo

  14. Such great art. Fantastic post. But I prefer my homeless clothes (or stay at home clothes) I'm in at the moment.

  15. Such cool idea!!!! It had to be a super interesting experience!
    You look amazing, so unique and creative ensamble!

  16. Hello Satanja,

    This is a really interesting proposal! I would love to be part of an initiative like this! I love London specially for that fact, fashion is in another level, even in comparisson with Paris of New York. I feel that there you have the chance to get really creative!

    I loved the whole concept, but specially the head piece *_*


  17. Such a cool idea!

  18. Descobri este site essa semana e já estou adorando os conteúdos, são ótimos!

    Parabéns! 👏

    Meu Blog: Sonhei Com


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