What is an accessory?

I was in the first year of elementary school when I was advised by a doctor to receive glasses.  At first I was truly excited about it, as at the age of 7 I found them to be such a smart and grown-up accessory. Non-surprisingly my first glasses were pinkish with some light orange details. I so proudly walked into school that day, showing them off to all my classmates from which only one or two were also wearing them.

Soon the initial excitement was over though. Glasses turned out not to be the most practical accessory. As my vision wasn't so terribly bad I was regularly forgetting to put them on in the morning, I couldn't keep them on during sport activities. Through years to follow more people started wearing them, but in a selective way, only putting them on when truly needed. So you would look smart in class and more reckless in your free time. 

Starting high school I started following the same practice and eventually completely switched to contact lenses, as correction glasses are usually pricy and you'd only have one pair. Those were my fashionable years and everything had to match, from shoes on my feet to gloves in the winter. 

But with my falling interest in school and everyone there, my effort in always looking most stylish was decreasing as well, and it was back to glasses, until I accidently stepped on them during probably the second year of study. I was never able to properly fix them at home, so I turned into a full-time lens user, or I simply wasn't wearing anything, especially at home, as it has been the most comfortable.

Through the last few years, when fashion broadened beyond any limit and every piece could become "The item" if only used in context, glasses, also the ones with clear lenses became a cult accessory, to bring that smart, edgy or retro touch to your look.

The four models in this post were gifted to me by TIJN eyewear, to try me prove glasses are so much more than a necessity.

Glasses by TIJN eyewear



  1. I love the glasses and the looks! So cool!

    Ann-Marie / https://facetocurls.com/

  2. When I was a child, I also thought that wearing glasses is a very novel thing, it looks very fashionable and unique. I only found out after wearing it for many years, I still admire the good eyesight of others.
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  3. Lovely eye-glasses. All of these look great on you. I only wore glasses for one year, it had to do something with some eye muscle that wasn't working so I was seeing double. I do remember that I was excited when I got my first pair as a kid. However, I was able to fix it by doing regular eye exercises so I stopped wearing glasses.


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