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Thinking of a business plan

Let me try this (even though I'm not sure it'll work out), but, I was thinking, maybe, in this year I could finally ground myself a little more and found some sort of more serious job. Sounds boring, I agree, and almost like violation of freedom, especially considering that staying at a place for more than a month is giving me a proper anxiety. But on the other hand, I was never talking about some 9-5 office job of sorting papers, filling tables and answering calls. I was thinking about exciting things, creative things, works with projects, etc., something similar to what I've done before and actually love. Because if you truly enjoy your work, getting there every morning doesn't even feel like a hustle, but more like an actual excitement. I've tried that, so I know it can be true, even though very rare.

My main sidekick, beside what actually brings money, was working round my friends. From providing graphic designs to helping plan the events, taking pictures and …

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