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Incognito while we're trapped inside

During the infamous spring lockdown that was much more severe and obeyed than this one, my room had a bed located right by the window overlooking the street. Right there, from the comfort of all my too many cousins and pillows I was able to observe the outdoor world, I even had a teeny tiny binocular to do it. Although there wasn't that much to see, during such times everything becomes entertaining.  There was a crazy lady regularly hanging out across the street and sometimes screaming and singing till two or three in the morning. There were cats and foxes walking around. Especially foxes at night were fun to observe, since there were usually more of them and you were able to see some interaction, something us humans weren't really performing anymore. Eventually there was also some social distancing gathering, when a group of young people were standing in a circle few meters apart and I could only wish I'd be one of them. Now I have my own social circle right here with my h

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