Among the sunflowers; summer tale

This year London experienced heath wave that haven't been seen for years and years. The grass  in parks turned beige, the fans were sold out, the lucky ones ran away to different places and after couple of failed attempts, I also finally made it to Brighton for a very first time (for 30 minutes, after hitchhiking... But it's the sea I was looking for).

Before coping with big city's reality, I've in previous month visited Romania, where during the long train ride I was able to admire spacious field of sunflowers.
In love with the sight, I was able to recreate piece of that tranquillity in my own way.

While the clouds were finally gathering to give us some coolness, I caught the warmest of the sunreys in my outfit.

Dress: (IG: @gozmoz_com)
Shoes: Girl Xpress


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