Dance for the freedom

"When they let you choose to stay in a cage with blue or green tapiserie and call it a freedom."

The situation going on trough this year turned our world from colourful full of choices to a contrast of black and white. But beyond all the borders and restrictions governments set up for us, there are also the walls we built around and within us. If our joyful lifes turned into waiting of survival, I know the whole global crises was certainly not the main reason for me.

It more seemed like a plot from Melancholy movie, where our planet is coming to face an end, but the main character already faced hers way before. I remember when the whole situation was becoming global, I've been told not to be scared, because it won't killed me, but my life feels to be over anyway. So many things shifted and changed in the irreversible way. So much that could never be undone.

And as we're facing a chance to go through it all over again, we wonder if sacrefices truly make it worth it. We're not fighting the war, but the battle of modern days, each of us isolated in the horrors of our own homes. But still, it reminds me of this movie quote: "I fear no dead, but the cage."
Even if we can choose it to be covered in blue or green tapiserie.

So put on your best dress and dance away to the days of your freedom.

Sandals: vintage
Hat: random
Dress: by me



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